Language name: MANCHU
UPSID number: 2169
Alternate name(s):
Classification: Ural-Altaic, Tungus
This language has 25 segments
Its Frequency index is 0.446740576 (average percentage of segments; 0.1: many very rare segments; 0.39: average; 0.7: many common segments)
The language has these sounds: p b tD dD k g f sD S x tS dZ m nD N lD "r j i "e o/ a u "o "@)
Comment: Manchu is spoken in few villagers in Aihui and Fuyu counties in HeilonJiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces in Beijing in China.
Source(s): Austin, W. 1962. The phonemics and morphophonemics of Manchu. In N. Poppe (ed.), American Studies in Altaic Linguistics (Indiana University Publications, Uralic and Altaic Series 13). Indiana University, Bloomington: 15-22.

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