Language name: DINKA
UPSID number: 4226
Alternate name(s):
Classification: Nilo-Saharan, East Sudanic, Nilotic, Dinka-Nuer
This language has 32 segments
Its Frequency index is 0.278547672 (average percentage of segments; 0.1: many very rare segments; 0.39: average; 0.7: many common segments)
The language has these sounds: p tD t c k b dD d dj g m nD n nj N r l j w ih eh Eh ah uh oh Oh i* e* E* a* O* o*
Comment: Andersen (1987) recognizes 84 vowels (including diphthongs), as he establishes 3 distinct lengths. Each of these occurs in monosyllables with a single tone.
Source(s): Andersen, T. 1987. The phonemic system of Dinka. Journal of African Languages and Linguistics 9/1: 1-27.
Malou, J. 1988. Dinka Vowel System. S.I.L. and University of Texas at Arlington. (S.I.L. Publications in Linguistics 82)

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