Language name: NEO-ARAMAIC
UPSID number: 4355
Alternate name(s):
Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic
This language has 40 segments
Its Frequency index is 0.329323725 (average percentage of segments; 0.1: many very rare segments; 0.39: average; 0.7: many common segments)
The language has these sounds: p b tD dD k g q f B s z S Z X RF h tS dZ j m r[ l i "e a "o u i9 "e9 a9 "o9 u9 i: a: u: i9: a9: u9: nD ?
Comment: Vowel length may be largely predictable. Garbell describes a contrast between 'flat' and 'plain' words and syllables. In 'flat' items all consonants are, inter alia, pharyngealized. This has been interpreted as a vowel-harmony type of process with pharyngealization as a contrastive property of vowels.
Source(s): Garbell, I. 1965. The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Peralan, Azerbaijan. Mouton, The Hague.

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