Language name: LUSHOOTSEED
UPSID number: 6734
Alternate name(s): PUGET SOUND SALISH
Classification: North American, Almosan
This language has 37 segments
Its Frequency index is 0.283154551 (average percentage of segments; 0.1: many very rare segments; 0.39: average; 0.7: many common segments)
The language has these sounds: p p' b t t' d k k' g kW gW qW qW' q q' ? ts dz tS dZ tlF' tS' ts' s hlF S xW XW X h j w I "@ a U kW'
Source(s): Snyder, W. 1968. Southern Puget Sound Salish: phonology and morphology. Sacramento Anthropology Society Papers 8: 2-22.

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