Changes in CHARCOD.STR:

removed G< and h2 since they seem not to be used anywhere

nasally released -> nasally-released
labio-dental -> labiodental
labio-velar -> labial-velar
palatal-alveolar -> palato-alveolar
glottal plosive -> voiceless glottal plosive (?W, ?9, ?)
"h" -> glottal fricative
glottalized voiceless affricated dental click -> glottalized voiceless dental affricated click
voiceless palatalized dental sibilant affricate -> palatalized voiceless dental sibilant affricate
voiced sibilant palatal affricate -> voiced palatal sibilant affricate
palatalized voiced sibilant dental fricative -> palatalized voiced dental sibilant fricative

Eh, Oh: lower-mid -> lower mid (27-01-2006)
o+, o(+~: fronted mid back -> mid fronted back (27-01-2006)
o(+, o+: fronted higher mid back -> higher mid fronted back (27-01-2006)
"e_: retracted mid front -> mid retracted front (27-01-2006)
oS: added 'overshort' (14-mar-2010)
6_: changed 'voiceless' to 'voiced' (24-aug-2012)
RFW: added 'labialized' (08-aug-2016)

Changes in the *.INF files in UPSID2/3/4:

E. -> EAST
W. -> WEST
N. -> North
S. -> South
So. -> South
C. -> Central
Eastern -> East
Northern -> North
ungrouped -> Ungrouped

UPSID2/LG2004.INF Germanic, West -> West Germanic
UPSID2/LG2006.INF Germanic, North -> North Germanic
UPSID2/LG2603.INF Caucasian, Northwest -> Northwest Caucasian
UPSID2/LG2604.INF Classification: Caucasian, Caucasian -> Caucasian
UPSID2/LG2902-5.INF Classification: Dravidian, Dravidian -> Dravidian
UPSID3/LG6814.INF Language name: Axluxlay -> Ashuslay; Alternate: Ashuslay -> Axluxlay
UPSID3/LG6837.INF Language name: Mapudungu -> ARAUCANIAN; Alternate: Mapudungu
UPSID4/LG4143.INF Adamawa. -> Adamawa
UPSID4/LG4150.INF Niger-Kardofanian -> Niger-Kordofanian